15-year-old dies while being searched at toll gate in Lagos

For Sisa Agbaji, it has been a month of despair. Her 15-year-old son, Daisi Shaban Okoh, who recently joined the Lagos State Model College in Lekki, died on December 13, 2018.

In her statement to the police, she described the incident. “I just took Daisi to hospital for something he had complained of. Immediately he was brought to hospital, he complained of feeling watery. I suspect he may have lost his breath since we were about to board a bus to his school,” she said.

However, she said the trouble started when her son was at the gate of the toll gate, at the Eko Atlantic City toll gate, facing an old Nissan car and a taxi standing at the gate. She said the argument started when the old Nissan car’s driver asked if Okoh’s mother was going to use the bay for parking the car. When he was told that he was already parked at the car, he started to walk in the direction of the taxi. She said she stopped him to ask if he had mind to move the taxi, but the drivers said he was free to move. She said that they left the place and went back home and were about leaving when the driver of the taxi stopped to ask how to say thank you to her. She said he started asking the two drivers to let him go, but he got infuriated and blocked his car with the Nissan car.

According to her, “It was then that I took Daisi to the hospital. The hospital was better and Daisi was diagnosed with strangulation, something that lasted only for seconds. He was rushed out and taken to the hospital in a police van, but unfortunately, he died there. I was actually going to take him to the coroner when I was informed that he had died and the Police took his remains for autopsy.”

She said that after funeral prayers and family members gathered to pray for her, she was asked to go and examine the remains of the corpse to confirm what happened. “At the autopsy, the bodies were shown to me and I had to see my son inside. But the autopsy report said the poor boy died after vomiting. All we have been asking for is justice. What is justice? Is it justice that a heartless killer will tell people to weep over my dead son while he (the killer) goes on to pick more victims from the school gate?” she said.

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