6 gift ideas for your gardening gardener in 2019

Story highlights If you’re looking for something for your gardener in 2019, we’ve got some ideas for you

From faux-furniture pieces to grow-your-own herb garden kits, we’ve got you covered

Gardening is more than just getting some flowers to decorate your window boxes with in the spring. For a lot of people who are gardening for a living, it’s a way of life, which can mean caring for a large space and the environment.

As you would expect, this kind of dedication can mean spending hours planting, pruning and mulching every day for months. And while there are lots of ways to get your gardening fix for the year, we can all agree that gifts from home improvement stores can be expensive. If you’re looking for something that’ll give back to nature while you can, this year’s gardening gifts are the perfect stocking stuffers.

We hunted down some of the best deals on outdoor garden gifts to give any gardener on your list this year. For several reasons, it’s the perfect place to get a gift because it offers such variety.

1. An air pump

While air pumps can sometimes be pricey, they can be a great gift for any gardener. One of the most affordable on our list is this 3-in-1 air pump, which can help you convert free, dirty air, create oxygen and measure how much water is needed for your garden. (Amazon, $38)

2. A mini weed-eater

Not only does this weed-eater help with watering, but it also helps kill unwanted plants in your garden. And who doesn’t like weed-eaters? (Amazon, $26)

3. Grow your own herb garden kit

If you want to get your gardener in the grocery store but don’t have the time, this build-your-own herb garden kit helps to bring the fresh herbs to the home straight from the garden. This kit helps you grow basil, rosemary, oregano, fennel, cilantro, chives, sage, thyme, leek, dill, tarragon, rosemary and oregano. (Amazon, $37)

4. Growlights

You could spend a pretty penny on these to brighten up any dull shades of your green roof or shady area. This are a great DIY gift for any gardener, considering that most outdoor lights aren’t guaranteed to work properly. Luckily, these grow lights help to light up your garden. Plus, you can use them throughout the year. (Amazon, $21)

5. Gardening lamp

Some people love the smell of the garden all day long. (She) They love something that you can put around the house with a corner light that you can set it in place and then on the ground beside your plants. (Etsy, $60)

6. Gardening in a Mason jar

Who doesn’t love a Mason jar to store all of their gardening supplies? Whether you plant things like tomatoes or cucumbers to keep in the fridge, our plump jar can hold it all while also protecting it from the elements. (Amazon, $18)

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1. A plant stand

So simple to build, making a tree stand isn’t too much work on the DIY front. And we all know that gardeners love to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants. (Amazon, $40)

2. A plant stand (or for patio entertaining)

Staying mobile in the garden can be tricky, especially if your plants require drainage. This furniture stand will ensure that guests and other residents can access the plants without fear of having dirty clothes in their eyes. (Etsy, $45)

3. A leaf-print scarf

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your plants busy and keep germs at bay, this leaf-print scarf will do the trick. (Amazon, $35)

4. A light bulb decal

Keep your guests entertained with a light bulb decal. For a one-time purchase, you can make that billboard to stand out on your phone and attract the attention of passersby. (Amazon, $8)

5. You could even make this a house key

Guests know that a plant is growing in your garden, so why not tell everyone what they’re getting? (Amazon, $4)

6. Love what you have

Every garden needs a little love

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