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Today on  Immigration: Where in the World Can I Travel to Right Now?

Testimony starts at 10 a.m.

I was born in Dallas in 1964. I have lived in the U.S. all my life. I am a U.S. citizen.Â

I am calling in to you to encourage you to help me obtain citizenship, which is the basic building block of a free society.Â

I want to register my views to your newspaper and ask that you have the courage to speak up and to take action in support of the American people.

The Trump administration is trying to scare us into submission. Our country is in a crisis. The policies it enacts will pass a cost on to future generations. No one has ever been pushed into submission on American soil.Â

Our leaders expect us to watch passively as millions of people, legal immigrants, are treated brutally as they flee the U.S. to protect their families from their homeland.Â

There are millions of people who were born in the U.S. who are afraid of being deported, arrested and separated from their loved ones because they want to stand up for our country. Their fear is being viewed as irrational because we are still Americans at heart.

The Trump administration has decided that the best way to reduce immigration is to strip away Americans’ rights. He also has said that we are not Americans because we are different from him. A basic value of our country is individualism. We are individuals who believe that each of us can achieve our full potential.

Uniter, not divider

What I’m asking you to do is to contact your members of Congress, ask them to come up with reasonable solutions to America’s immigration problems, and raise the necessary funds to ensure that everyone who wants to serve our country is allowed to do so.Â

If any of you decided to move to the U.S. it is your duty to take an active part in your future and that of your kids. Â

A U.S. citizen will stand up to stop future president Trump from his racist attempts to frighten people who are not citizens of this country.

I want to make it clear that I am no longer looking to just survive. I want to make America a safe and prosperous land.

So I look forward to sharing with you my ideas for how to change that, and begin working for America.

Thank you.


I’m a U.S. citizen

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