FOX’s ‘Talking Dog’ Podcast: Grand Payback, Super Bowl Pardon & More

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Now that has made the front pages.

FOX’s Elizabeth Mitchell previews her special live podcast look back at all the coverage during Beatles Night at the Super Bowl halftime show, in her Studio 1A special with the Fox News Channel’s Lauren Lake.

Plus Elizabeth gives her take on The 40 Year Peace and Love Tour–moderated by Peter Mehlman of “The Passionate Mouth.”

And Elizabeth talks about this week’s all-new “The Talking Dog” podcast featuring Danny Earle, the voice of ‘Nado the talking dog, about visiting the set of ‘Holby City’.

About the ‘Talking Dog’ podcast:

‘The Talking Dog’ podcast is the perfect podcast for the die-hard fan! The podcast features the unique comedic intelligence of Danny Earle with a dash of alternative humor to round out the perfect comedy podcast. From Harsh, Middle America, in a nutshell, to Dorsh, true alt-country, you are guaranteed to find something that you have not heard before! Each episode is self-contained, entertaining, and enlightening. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get all new episodes automatically.

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