How expensive was the Ryder Cup to stage?

Adare Manor in Ireland, which will host the Ryder Cup in 2027, has undergone massive construction to accommodate 12 teams and 60,000 spectators. The venue, which lies south of Galway and consists of 40,000 acres of countryside, was designed by British architect Norman Foster and is currently being renovated to stage matches in September of that year. Full text:

Adare Manor is a comfortable, detached, upper-class tourist destination overlooking the beautiful nature-rich western coast of Ireland. A lovely setting to engage in the surrounding country’s outstanding natural features and landscapes.

The location is ideal for equestrian sport – equestrian facilities are located in the centre of the park and can cater for any event requiring a high level of stadium acoustics.

The abode of famous Irish novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald was a creative and happy place. His famous poem “The Great Gatsby” was written here. An ideal location to perform major sporting events, the setting has now been transformed into a wonderful venue for large-scale tournaments.

The venue will host twelve teams and 60,000 spectators, making it one of the most storied sites in Ryder Cup history. The company we have chosen to construct the remainder of the venue in summer 2019 is USA-based Hargreaves Landsdowne.

The plans for the new stadium are laid out on three axes, and very modestly contrast to an imposing adjacent natural park as visitors walk towards the stadium. Designed to be portable, when needed, it is planned to move overland from site to site, making it possible to re-stage special editions of the Ryder Cup tournament at less than desirable circumstances.

We anticipate a timetable of 12 to 18 months before it can be constructed and the facility put in use by the Ryder Cup 2022 team at the earliest.

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