Inside TIME’s gender-fluid cover story

“I don’t think I realized how [wonderful] the shower was going to be until I got in. The peak moment was when I heard this ‘mmmm’ go through my body — and it made me very excited.”

“It was a rainbow washing up on my shoulders. It still serves as a visual reminder that it can be black.”

“I started wearing makeup at age 10. Right after visiting the beach with my dad I felt really beautiful. It’s not very often that it happens, but a moment like that can stick with you.”

“I had a classic 1950s good hair day yesterday. Hair was naturally done. I just kind of let it go.”

“The idea that I could make [a social movement] around the everyday mom who’s really not there to check up on you is just absurd to me.”

“But yesterday, I had this shower moment and I actually had a shower on my own. I got to self-discuss my sadness, my fears, my thoughts and questions … I actually felt more peaceful in that shower than I had in a while.”

“I was surprised when it felt like I was reading out loud. It wasn’t like there was someone reading my thoughts, there was no guide.”

“I know I’m not perfect, but it’s not important to me that I am perfect.”

“Right now I’m a bit stressed about water conservation. It took me a long time to get my boobs back in shape!”

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