Lyceum theatre as it looked for the last time

The Lyceum theatre as it looked for the last time.

Three years ago on Friday, the CVID-19 unit at Doncaster Royal infirmary, came to an end, when it was closed with much sadness.

Many nurses who had worked in the unit for 16 years, went on to work in the new regional acute health system as specialist nurses.

Their hearts were broken when they came face to face with their former colleagues.

But as it came to an end, many of them, learnt that memories remained strong inside them.

Last Friday, hundreds gathered in the building where the unit had been, to share their memories.

Some of them came back just to see their former colleagues, to hug and tell them how much they had missed them.

One patient, who was put in a room to study on the unit, said: “I didn’t realise just how many people really cared about us.”

And another patient, brought to tears by meeting some of her colleagues. said: “I loved it so much but it was like being back home.”

Another said: “It was a very special place. Everyone was there on the unit, you’d never know who was in pain. It gave the hope and inspiration to everyone in Doncaster.”

The service was also held to name the equipment used by the unit. A new theatre had been built in the room formerly used as the unit’s waiting room.

Speaking at the event, said: “The reaction at the end was some kind of tearful experience, and a relief that this day had finally come.

“There were lots of tears, and smiles of satisfaction from those who had waited so long for something like this to happen.”

The doctor who ran the unit, said: “I’ve not slept since that day!

“I cried during all the names and I just couldn’t help but look over again.

“I am sad to see the unit close, but I’m also delighted that its replacement is going to be as well regarded as this facility was.”

The nurse who had spent 16 years working in the unit, added: “It was like being at school – we knew everyone.

“It was actually good to be back here. I know I will miss this unit.”

Another said: “The unit really did work and I have some great memories from here.

“I’m really glad that the new unit is going to be better for the staff.

“The day the unit closed felt like there was an earthquake, we felt it coming and it really shook up the whole hospital.”

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