Noah Canfora, NASCAR driver, under investigation after allegedly hitting teammate with car

A race car driver is being investigated for an alleged attack on track Sunday afternoon in Virginia.

KRQE Sports, via WUSA9, reported that driver Todd Canfora was allegedly “running on the edge” before slamming on the brakes and retaliating against teammate John Turcotte.

One of their cars crashed into the wall.

In a Sunday statement, Canfora acknowledged hitting Turcotte in an aggressive fashion and said the severity of the injury would be determined after doctor’s examinations. Turcotte is reportedly in good spirits after being released from the hospital.

“As we said this morning, the details of an investigation into last night’s incident at Richmond International Raceway are yet to be final and accurate,” said driver Todd Canfora in a statement. “Please understand, while we understand the need for privacy in the aftermath of such an incident, we do not discuss the details of any investigation. As is the case with most injury issues, the nature of the injury will be determined after our doctors complete their examination and analysis. That being said, please know that Todd was acting defensively against the actions and driving of his teammate and was acting in the best interests of his group. Todd was on the edge of speed all race and responded as one would when faced with the risk and challenge of racing with his teammate. I am proud of Todd and everything he has accomplished and very happy for his fast and healing teammate.”

Turcotte is a popular driver in and around the racing community.

Canfora, nicknamed The Beast, will retain his championship status with the SHR-owned Chevrolet team and teammates Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch.

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