Pepco: A Pandemic Is Coming…

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Potentially catastrophic medicine errors and medicine’s biggest shortcoming have been tackled by experts in a new report, but health officials admit they’re far from prepared for the next big pandemic.

FOX’s Jan Crawford reports from Washington:

The threat from a major infectious disease is as serious now as it’s ever been.

(Gene Simmons) “I don’t feel safe. I have children, I have grandchildren, I have to protect them.”

Singer Gene Simmons is passionate about protecting his own medical interests, joining Dr. Bill Schaffner who is with the Vanderbilt University Medical School in forecasting the next major pandemic.

(Dr. Schaffner) “The world is not prepared for a pandemic.”

If this massive bug struck today, even if health officials had done their job keeping their guard up, the results could be catastrophic.

In Washington, Jan Crawford, FOX News.

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