Terrorist attacks have failed to deter Brits from America, say returning Americans

The UK and France are the destination of choice for travelling Americans, with more than 70% of those who had returned in 2016 saying they enjoyed the country

It seems the terror attacks of late are not deterring Americans from going on holiday to some of the UK’s most cherished holiday destinations. The UK was the destination of choice for returning Americans in 2016, with 70% of those who had made a trip after the shootings at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub or the Manchester Arena saying they enjoyed their visit, according to British Airways data.

The UK had the greatest appeal for former visitors to France, with 64% of those who had made a journey from the US to Europe saying they enjoyed the French countryside. Austria attracted nearly a third of visitors who had been to Britain since the attack, with 22% rating the country very highly.

Travel data from British Airways shows 47% of visitors to the UK after the attack last year had the US as their destination.

The only other country that came close to the US in terms of the number of Americans returning in 2016 was France with 33%.

A study published last year by international travel expert Expert Market, in which 9,660 people from around the world were polled, showed that the UK was the top holiday destination among Americans.

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