Thief ‘secretly’ drove stolen car to Arabian capital for commercial reasons, police say

A vehicle stolen last Thursday from the driveway of a home in the Ottawa Hills area of Toronto was tracked to a Norfolk, Nova Scotia port terminal, bound for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Ottawa Hills Managers’ Association became suspicious when the Toronto-area businessman Gary Donovan took his ’80s model Cadillac Seville out for a spin Wednesday afternoon. The car had been stolen overnight from the driveway of Mr. Donovan’s Ottawa Hills house but he wasn’t about to have that happen again. … The president of the Ottawa Hills Managers’ Association, Kevin Donovan, and some members of the organization were suspicious about the way Mr. Donovan drove home from the shopping center the day after his car was stolen and were concerned that he hadn’t locked the car. Mr. Donovan had done such a good job last year, ensuring that all the doors of his 2008 Toyota 4Runner always closed properly, that they have some security cameras on the vehicles. We wanted to see the quality of the videos from the security cameras so we brought them in for Mr. Donovan to watch,” Mr. Donovan said. In the surveillance videos, a driver appears to be a man who picks up the Cadillac Seville in the parking lot of Target and then drives it back and forth between the store and parking lots surrounding it. … The video shows that the car then stops at a rear of the store near a loading dock, where the driver walks in, apparently looking for the owner of the Cadillac. He reappears 10 minutes later, and the driver walks out of the store before climbing into the car, before the driver drives it out of the parking lot and toward Ottawa Hills. After that, the car is seen driving up and down a series of roads near the shopping plaza and store before eventually arriving in the heart of Ottawa Hills.

On Friday, Prince Edward Island Police spotted the car on a highway north of Charlottetown in the area of Shagamummen Lane, and they checked out the licence plate number, according to a police news release. Based on the information, they discovered the vehicle had a destination in the Middle East.

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