This video shows off seven sweets in Tokyo, New York and Osaka by chef Pascal Vicedomini

Few chefs in the world can conjure up multiple kinds of Japanese desserts as easily as French pastry chef Pascal Vicedomini. With his shop, Pascal Vicedomini, in the British-themed Breakers Hotel at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown, Vicedomini regularly displays the food of other Asian restaurants — he acquired a Japanese pastry table for two years — and travels to do the same with Asian chefs and mixologists, even posting video clips of his adventures online. In the video above, he tastes desserts made by chefs who’ve recently worked with him, at doppio, in Hong Kong, and Seaweed in New York. Also in the video, chef Hiroshi Kajimura, who owns the Kajimura Sushi and Culinary Art in Osaka, speaks about the differences in desserts between the Japanese and Western cultures. One day, he thinks, he hopes to work alongside master French pastry chef Pierre Hermé at his Paris kitchen and show him how to make strawberry yogurt sorbet. (Watch the video below for an advance taste of the recipe.)

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