UN lifts Sri Lanka travel ban, lifting citizens of 8 countries from travel restrictions

Sri Lanka is again opening its borders to international travelers, ending a 12-year ban that followed a mutiny and civil war.

The United Nations reached a deal on October 12 allowing them to begin reopening foreign trips for the entire island nation, which divided between the government in Colombo and rebel control in the northern Jaffna peninsula.

The government said hundreds of troops are being deployed in Jaffna to help preserve security and, to prevent any return to war by elements linked to the ethnic Tamil minority.

There were no reports of war crimes or human rights violations related to the fighting.

The U.N. lifted the ban in April 2016 to honor a 1996 U.N. resolution calling for the nation to address its alleged human rights violations.

Several countries will soon lift travel bans on Sri Lanka due to human rights, political freedoms, and the ongoing international probe on alleged war crimes.

The U.N. lifted travel bans of 62 countries over the past few years.

Today, 8 countries including Sri Lanka and the Netherlands announced they would soon lift travel bans:







United Kingdom

Finally, when the travel ban is lifted, Sri Lanka will be the only country in the world that has banned travel to some citizens.

The U.N. lifted travel bans of 62 countries over the past few years, and the other nations include Ethiopia, Yemen, Eritrea, Cuba, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam.

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