Zion National Park plans to hike one of its tallest mountains

This destination wasn’t open for the climb up to yet another new feature, but luckily it is now open for summer tours

Zion National Park experienced perhaps its best season in decades, with record numbers of visitors.

This year’s summer tour programme was affected by a travel ban from Venezuela and as a result, Zion hasn’t had a full-time security guard working since June.

The national park was also hit by a road closure and parking lot closures due to flooding.

Zion National Park has a number of problems as part of its ongoing issue in maintaining a safe environment for its visitors.

In an effort to fix this problem, the National Park Service (NPS) is planning on hiking to high point’s such as Jorjino and Youngs on San Rafael Mountain from Jumbo Campground (the campsite closest to the mountain).

The path is deemed as having hazardous areas and challenges such as sudden falls, steep vertical cliffs and a narrow path.

Zion National Park will take a different approach than conventional safe routes.

The NPS will have to have permits for hiking paths at two campsites in the area and will have to follow an assessment/recommendation list of 22 hazards/demerits to ensure the appropriateness of the hike.

The hike was among the highest points in Zion during the height of summer.

This particular high point above the Lion Tower is notorious for it’s steep, unstable, hairpin paths.

The new hike will involve a partly concealed walk up to the huge panoramic view.

The route will be followed by a 3- to 4-mile thru-hike to Mount Zion that contains several new features.

The requirements to get a permit for this particular hike have yet to be determined.

The NPS will also be offering a public information meeting next week to discuss hiking hazards and help inform hikers on how to stay safe.

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